Chunk claiming

FTB Utilities allows you to protect your base with Claimed Chunks. Claimed chunks will by default be accessible to your team and team allies. You can also disable explosions and fake player interactions.

To open the GUI, you must click on the Claimed Chunks sidebar button:

  • Left-click or drag chunks in the map to claim them
  • Right-click to unclaim a chunk
  • Shift-left-click to load a claimed chunk
  • Shift-right-click to unload a claimed chunk

You can drag mouse to claim/unclaim/load/unload a larger area at once.

You can use commands too:

  • /chunks claim - Claims the chunk you are standing in
  • /chunks unclaim - Unclaims the chunk you are standing in
  • /chunks load - Enables chunkloading in the chunk you are standing in, if you have claimed it
  • /chunks unload - Disables chunkload in the chunk you are standing in
  • /chunks unclaim_all [dimension] [player] - Unclaims all chunks in dimension (can be number or 'all'). If player is not specified, player that runs command is used
  • /chunks unload_all [dimension] [player] - Unloads all chunks, similar to unclaim_all
  • /chunks unclaim_everything [dimension] - Unclaims everyone's chunks
  • /chunks unload_everything [dimension] - Unloads everyone's chunks
  • /chunks info - Tells information about the chunk player is standing in
  • /chunks claim_as - Claim chunk as a server created team. Can be used for spawn chunks