Gear, weapons and tools

Tinkers Construct adds a large number of modular tools and weapons, the materials you use to make each part determine how well they function and what special attributes they have.

Building Gadgets adds several tools that make building structures extremely easy.

Chisel lets you convert lots of different blocks into more decorative versions to help you get the look that you want. The first Chisel is the most basic. Open it, put a block in, and on the right you can take out the version you want. If you put a chiselled block in the input slot, you can left click the Chisel on blocks in the world to chisel them without having to break and replace them.

The Diamond Chisel lasts longer and has more options for chiselling blocks in the world. With the 4 buttons on the left, you can choose to chisel one block, a 3x3 area, 3 vertical blocks, or 3 horizontal blocks at the same time. 

The iChisel works slightly differently. Instead of inserting the block and taking the chiselled block out, you select the block you want to chisel from your inventory and then you choose what you want to turn it into on the right. On the left you can see what the block will looks like. You can change the shape of the blocks by pressing the button below. You can click Chisel to chisel the stack you have selected, or hole sneak and click to chisel all blocks of that type in your inventory at once. There are also more options for chiselling in the world. 

Some blocks have textures that spawn multiple blocks. However, they might not be centred where you want them to be. The Ender Offset Wand helps with this.  

Hold the Ender Offset Wand and look at the blocks. Click it in the direction you want to shift the textures in. So, if the texture is one block too high, click the bottom of the block. 

The Auto Chisel will automatically chisel blocks you insert into it. Place a Chisel into the middle slot, place the version of the block you want in the middle bottom slot, and then input the blocks into the left side and they will be output into the right side. 
There's an RF bar, but it doesn't actually need RF. An energy requirement is a configurable option, which is disabled by default.  

Better Builders Wands adds tools that let you extend blocks in the world easily. 

Higher tiers can place more blocks simultaneously as well as place them in more places. Wands can only place the block of the surface they are being used on. That means if you click them on Sand they will place Sand. This makes them good for extending surfaces or filling holes.  

The Stone Wand can place up to 5 blocks horizontally on the side of other blocks. 

The Iron Wand can place up to 9 blocks either vertically or horizontally on the side of other blocks.

To change between vertical and horizontal, hit M by default.

The Diamond Wand can place up to 1561 blocks, extending the entire connected surface of blocks. It can be used on any side of a block, including the top and bottom.

There are 3 tiers of Unbreakable Wands, each able to place double that of the previous tier. They have unlimited durability and otherwise function identically to the Diamond Wand.